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Consistent & Reliable ,Vape Carts ,Raw Uncut Distillate,Flower,Wax,Shatter

THANK YOU to everyone that has been so wonderful to work with us so far get marijuana concentrates for sale!  We appreciate YOU!

We still take the time to hand trim all of our product. This means tons of love, care and time go into our product.

we cure our buds right the first time and seal them tight. (will have great prices up to date,….. technically challenged haha)-we take meticulous care of our meds from start to finish.

Always full units/never short, and no shake from dehydrating or other poor handling methods..

-we are a collective of growers with over 20 yrs combined experience, all of us have a passion for what we do.

-while we aren’t strictly organic, I GUARANTEE you won’t find a single molecule of pesticide in any of our buds.

we smoke what we grow and wouldn’t do that to ourselves, let alone a sick patient. that includes neem, yuck. please know that we are a collective of men and we will not be ripped,

(Contact me for an updated menu). Consistency is assured. We have been in the industry for awhile now so please don’t try to ask for consignment or waste my time ;

Minimum: 1 oz

Shipping: priority mail (no express)

Marijuana Concentrates for Sale

We have the following concentrates for sale

1) – Flower Menu:
Goldwalker OG
Madhouse OG
Gorilla Glue #4
Purple punch
Blueberry bagels
Jack x Haze
True Gelato .. E.t.c

2) – (Light Dep)
9lb hammer
White Widow
Silver Surfer
Blue Dream. E.t.c

3) – 200mg gummies
200mg brownies
200mg oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

4) – Vape carts
1 gram & 0.5 (cell, uncut)


Marijuana Concentrates for Sale

0.5-gram raw uncut distillate..

Distillate .5gram (96% lab teated THC with syringe and packaging)$23.

Vape Carts (85% tested.No Pesticides. No PPM. with packaging)$20

MoonRocks: OZ minimum $500 (13 per gram. No packaging)

Shatter Available by the Slab (28 gram) @$20-$25 a gram. (No packaging. Comes in parchment paper)

500mg cookies by TKO $10
(Chocolate Chip. Brownie Bites. Snickerdoodle. Cinnamon Oatmeal. Sugar Cookie)


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*18 years or older.
*Not law enforcement or affiliated

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